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The large variety of charts, cards and tables we publish, cover a wide range of themes all concerned with alternative health care and spiritual development.

Topics in print:
Acupuncture and Shiatsu [Click here for an overview with images]
Reflexology [Click here for an overview with images]
Chakras, Naturopathy and more [Click here for an overview with images]
Esoteric Art [Click here for an overview with images]

These charts give clear and concise illustrations of the different reflex zones of the body and their corresponding organs and body parts. The reverse sides of the cards carry basic instuctions and some treatment indications. 

Esoterism, Naturopathy and more

Various Chakra charts illustrate and explain the body's subtle energy centers, with corresponding physical, mental and sensory significances.
The vitamins and minerals table outlines the most important health and nutritional aspects of all major vitamins and minerals.
Iridology outlines and illustrates the corresponences between the parts of the eyes and the body: five common types of irises are illustrated and explained.


These charts give a comprehensive overview of acupuncture and related fields: the meridians, the special points in acupuncture, acupoints (the mu and ju points), Alarmpoints / emergency points, the five elements in acupuncture. Each shows and explains different aspects of the traditional Chinese healing arts.

The Samadhi Thanka gives a lively and interesting rendition of chakras and body energy centers, from a Nepalese point of view, with Indian and Tibetan influences right next to each other.
The Sahasrabuja Lokehvara thanka is a beautiful rendition of the all-understanding and all-forgiving.